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29th August London Freedom Protest

The London Freedom Protest will go down in history as day one of people realising that they hold the power.

There was a predicted number of over 40 thousand likeminded people who attended. People who have had enough of the lies. People who are fed up of being controlled by a Dictator. People who can see through the lies that the Government and Media have portrayed.

The crowd were interactive, engaged and vocal. Every single being there had a purpose, we were and are all fighting for the same cause. No one was the odd one out, no one was the conspiracy theorist, no one was being made to feel like they were crazy for stating facts. It felt like coming home. It felt like family.

The atmosphere was undeniably one of passion, emotion and determination to overcome the draconian obstacles put in front of us all. There were speakers from all walks of life, but shared the common theme of being medical professionals or having experience in the medical/scientific field.

The people were respectful and were the majority of the police, apart from the games they decided to play. They confiscated the back up generator, they unplugged the electrics and removed the screen that was going to be used for the live streams. Individually, the police were courteous, but there was the odd one who was arrogant confrontational. Unfortunately, they ended up arresting Piers Corbyn for arranging a gathering.

Here's to the next one. To the bigger one. Here's to the people learning their power.

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