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Here's to the end of 2020

I’m not going to make any empty New Years resolution that I know I can’t stick to, but the one thing I vow to myself and I hope you all vow too, is to make this the decade that wakes people up to the corruption of the Government, the Media and the pharmaceutical industry. Let this year mark the beginning of the revolution where people are encouraged to open their eyes and see the bold facts that are in front of them.

Let this year go down in history for making the most noise, making the change, refusing to be silenced or censored and refusing to be controlled by a tyrannical government.

There is more of us than there is of them. History doesn’t need to repeat itself, we don’t need another holocaust or a decade of babies and children dying because parents blindly believed known liars. We don’t need another decade of people committing suicide, of people losing their homes and businesses.

In an era where we have access to the most advance medical care ever, an internet with billions of studies, clinical research and trials, where we can impact someone across the world with our experiences....we should be the healthiest ever, but no...Our children are the first generation in history who will not outlive their parents in the average life expectancy.

Last year was not a win for us, as parents... but it was for the pharmaceutical companies. This last decade, it became considered ‘normal’ for a child to have eczema, asthma, diabetes, autism, ADHD, chronic illnesses, cancer, reoccurring infections, neurological diseases.... all these are now considered ‘normal.’

Well, screw normal. I don’t want normal for the children, I want healthy. I want happy. I want ALIVE.

No longer will we sacrifice our children so that they can make money. No longer will we sacrifice our mental health to satisfy their greed. No longer will we risk our businesses by listening to their rules. No longer will we be staying behind our screens trying to make the change. No longer will we be calm, collective and polite.

We are the parents, we are the warriors.... hear us roar 💪

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