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Lots of people are curious about the whole ‘no suncream’ thing, so I’ll explain a bit more.

It’s one of the biggest scams ever sold. How to make a profit for life? Make the people believe the one thing that will always be there, is killing them. ‘The sun causes cancer.’ Bullshit. ‘Suncream causes cancer.’ Fact.

Yes, okay, you’re right. We are put on a planet where we NEED vitamin D to survive, but the same thing that keeps us alive, will also kill us....? Riiiiight. Wrong.

Your skin is your largest organ. It protects you and shields you from so much. Suncream is toxic. It is poison. The chemicals in it are fucking awful. Despite that, it’s so promoted! The cancer and pharmaceutical companies have used it to their advantage and claim that the sun causes skin cancer. The majority of suncreams contain avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, homosalate, octisalate, and octinoxate, all of which are carcinogens. Many scientists are now agreeing that the is no evidence to show the sun causes cancer, but loads to prove suncream DOES

Sun cream actually stops your body absorbing vitamin D. Vitamin D stops you from developing certain cancers and diseases, yet you can spend all day in the sun with cream on and be vitamin D deficient. Not only that, but the chemicals in it stop your body producing the correct amount of vitamin E and that’s what’s builds up the melanin in your skin to stop you burning.

Many people find that they actually burn more with suncream on. This isn’t unusual, the block of direct sunlight and the chemicals in the cream causes your body to stop forming the correct pigmentation that the vitamin E gives you to shield yourself from the sun. The mainstream suncreams contain aluminium which thins the skin and attracts the sun.

If you do want to use suncream, only use organic and aluminium free suncream. Anything over factor 20 stops you creating vitamin D and factor 30-50 actually dramatically decreases your vitamin E levels.

If you’re prone to using suncream, you will need to gradually build up your exposure to it. My children went to Gambia in the peak of the summer over 40 degrees and never burnt once. Our body tans for a reason. We have the sun for a reason. We create vitamin D for a reason.

... to stop diseases. Don’t let the pharmaceutical companies twist it to their narrative.

*ALSO* Wearing sunglasses blocks the UV rays going into your eyes which then blocks the signal from your retina to your brain for your body to create the correct vitamin E levels for that time/hour of the day. Sunlight entering parts of the retina trigger Serotonin release. Serotonin induces melanin production in melanocytes and melanoma cells. That's the body's first natural defence against sun damage to skin.

Drop the sun glasses 👓🙂


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I don’t use sunscreen, but being in the sun a while makes my skin dry. What do you recommend to moisturise the skin after sunbathing?

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Coconut Oil




My mother has been told to use factor 50 by her gp for the last 20 years due to “lupus” I tried all them years to say it isn’t normal..she is so unhealthy at the age of 63 and I blame the doctors for it all..she’s on high doses of vitamin d she’s addicted to pain relief the list is endless and it’s very sad


Great post-we don’t use sunscreen either. Question though can I get vit d using sunbed a through uk winters? Thanks!

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