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Vitamin K - NOT a Vitamin.

We have lower levels of Vitamin K at birth for a beneficial, protective, reason. We were not born 'defective'.

Firstly, in order to absorb Vitamin K, we have to have a functioning biliary and pancreas system. Your infant’s digestive system isn’t fully developed at birth which is why we give babies breast milk (and delay solids) until they are at least 6-months-old and why breast milk only contains a small amount of highly absorbable Vitamin K. Too much vitamin K can tax the liver and cause brain damage (among other things). As the baby grows older and as does the digestive tract, mucosal lining, gut flora, and enzyme functions, your baby can then process more Vitamin K.

Secondly, cord blood contains stem cells, which protect a baby against bleeding and perform all sorts of needed repairs inside an infant’s body. BUT, in order for a baby to get this protective boost of stem cells, cord-cutting needs to be delayed and the blood needs to remain thin so stem cells can easily travel and perform their functions. Imagine that, baby has his/her own protective mechanism to prevent bleeding and repair organs…that 'apparently' wasn’t discovered until after we started routinely giving infants Vitamin K injections.

Thirdly, a newborn might have low levels of vitamin K because it’s intestines are not yet colonised with bacteria needed to synthesise it and the “vitamin K cycle” isn’t fully functional in newborns. So, does it then makes sense to bypass the gut and inject Vitamin K directly into the deltoid muscle?

Vitamin K injection is to apparently protect against Hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN). HDN is rare it occurs in only 0.25-1.7% of cases - yet, even the trials and studies show that it could do more harm than good! Jabbing our newborns with Vitamin K injections significantly increases our children's chances of developing childhood cancer. In a study of two hospitals, researchers found almost a two-fold risk of leukemia for children who had received intramuscular vitamin K given universally at one hospital compared to the other hospital that did not promote the jab. According to The Lancet: "In 1990 doctors researching the causes of childhood cancer studied some aspects of pregnancy and childbirth in two UK maternity hospitals. They found a higher risk of childhood cancer and Leukaemia in babies who had received vitamin K by injection." As well as this study from The Netherlands

Also, lets keep in mind that this isn't natural Vit K, it is the Big Pharma counterfeit - Vitamin K (menadione) - which is more potent than natural vitamin K, resulting in toxicity. It is not found anywhere naturally. Because, Menadione is toxic, the Food and Drug Administration has banned its use as an over-the-counter supplement since 1963. So let's pump it into our newborns! According to NCBI, "When toxicity does occur, it manifests with signs of jaundice, hyperbilirubinemia, hemolytic anemia, and kernicterus in infants." According to PubMed "It's important to note that Vitamin K3 or Menadione is not a recommended source of Vitamin K for humans or animals, and its use as a dietary supplement is controversial. Vitamin K3 can cause toxicity, especially in high doses, and it can also interfere with the action of other vitamins. The recommended form of Vitamin K for human consumption is Vitamin K1 (Phylloquinone) and Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone)."

You know what ‘synthetic vitamin K’ enthusiasts don’t understand? The thought that babies (and all animals for that matter) have lower levels of vitamin K at birth for a beneficial, protective, reason. I’m just going to throw these “common sense-based” thoughts out there but let’s consider them:

- There is no Vitamin K in the vitamin K shot.

- This synthetic vitamin K shot does not include any of the natural forms of vitamin K found in leafy greens (V1) or butter (V2). Instead, the synthetic "vitamin" in this shot is called Phytonadione and includes:

– Phenol (carbolic acid, a poisonous acid in coal tar)

– Benzyl alcohol (preservative)

– Propylene glycol (also known as an “edible” antifreeze)

– Acetic acid (an agent that stops, or kills microorganisms)

– Hydrochloric acid

– Lecithin

– Castor oil


Side effects from the Vitamin K include:

Death, Cancer, Seizures, Shortness of Breath, Anaphylaxis, Kidney Failure, Hyperbilirubinemia (jaundice). According to the insert, "Severe reactions including fatalities, have occurred during and immediately after intravenous injection of Phytonadione, even when precautions have been taken to dilute the Phytonadione and to avoid rapid infusion."

So, as always, this is an 'each to their own' sort of subject and I could never tell someone what they should or shouldn't do with their own child, BUT, I highly recommend you research this for yourself.

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Lynsey Oluwo
Lynsey Oluwo
Nov 15, 2023

It is also 20,000 times the normal newborn levels!! They don't put that in their "information" leaflets


Stacey Harte
Stacey Harte
Nov 12, 2023

Can you please explain if Vit K is safe when taken with VitD3 as I am hearing lots about VitK being needed for the body to use Vit D3 properly. Also have you any info on B17 apricot kernels and cancer prevention Thanks


They Just dont give a damn about what they ae injecting into our children. Most doctors & nurses will also have NO clue or don't care. it's criminal & it just keeps on going & going & Going....


Hi Ellie, I would love to hear your thoughts on vitamin k deficiency bleeding (vkdb). My son suffered a brain haemorrhage at 7 weeks old which they say was caused by vkdb, and has left him with several disabilities and complex needs. I’m trying to push for genetic testing as I don’t believe this (neither of my babies had vit k and I know so many others who haven’t either). Do you have any resources on this please? Thanks so much x


Thank you so much for posting this article. I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant and have been told about all these vaccinations, it can be a lot to take on board and to want to trust these 'medical professionals' but not be told the whole truth. So I want to do as much research before my son is born.

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