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An Open Letter To Our Police Officers

An open letter to our Police Officers

What has happened?

What has happened to make you turn on your own people?

I have always been one to support the police force, even when acts of police brutality have happened, I would be there saying that it’s only a very tiny minority of bad officers. I don’t want the police defunded, I don’t want our police force to become like the military, I don’t want anyone losing jobs.

But what the hell was that?

We need you. As civilians, we need you to protect us... we need you to protect our children from paedophiles. We need you to protect our homes form burglars. We need you to protect us from domestic violence. We need you to be there for us when we have a car accident. We need you to inform a parent that you have found their missing child. We need you to hold our grandmothers hand whilst she is shaking from being mugged. We need you to encourage our children that we are living in a safe world. We need you to protect us from the people in power who are ruining our lives, killing innocent people and allowing paedophilia to continue.... but who is protecting us from you?

I have always taught my children that policemen and women should be respected, that they put their lives on the line for us each and every day and that they do it to keep us safe... but how can I continue to tell my children to respect you when you have no respect for us and no regards to our life? You have children of your own, how would they view you right now?

Why did you become a police officer? Was it to attack innocent people? Was it to throw yourself violently at an innocent parent who was lawfully at an event? Was it to taser a person half to death for standing up for their rights? Was it to terrorise people who are simply fighting for your futures?

I spoke to a few of you yesterday and I asked you all ‘Why?’... why are you wearing a mask? Why are you policing a peaceful event? You all gave me the same answer, “I’m just following orders.”.... but as I said to you then, and I will again now... where does that end? Will you still be following orders when you have to go door to door and force entry to vaccinate people? You all told me no, yesterday. Will you still be following orders when you arrest someone for not wearing a mask? Will you still be following orders when you arrest a large family for being in their garden?

You were following orders yesterday when you violently attacked hundreds of innocent civilians. Mums, dads, grandparents... CHILDREN. Who were those orders protecting? At an event where no laws were broken, where everyone was peaceful, where doctors, nurses, lawyers, politicians and scientists were simply sharing FACTS in a calm, respectful and peaceful manner.... why would you react in such a violent way towards us?

You know there were by standing children watching who were just passing by? Ones who are now terrified of you. Ones who don’t understand why you were beating people up. Ones who will forever remember you as people who can kill someone if they get orders to.

So, my question to you is again, why did you want to become a police officer? Because, when you retire and you realise you have no pension because they have spent it all.. will your conscience be clear? How far is too far? When these draconian laws just keep getting even more and more severe, will you continue to ‘follow orders’? When your children see footage of you online hitting a woman with a metal pole and they ask you ‘why did you do that, Dad?’ Will you have to lie to them to not make you sound like a monster? Or will you simply state ‘I was told to.’?

It should never be Us VS You... you should always be on the right side of history. You should always want to be protecting the people. You should always be the ones to fight FOR the people who are trying to keep you safe. When this untested, mandatory vaccination comes to play.... who will be the first guinea pigs in line to get it? You will be. No vaccine, no job. No vaccine, no pay. No vaccine, no travel. No vaccine..... you get the point.

We DO need you. We Do want you. We DO need you to protect us, to be there for us in times of trouble, to help keep us and our families safe, to be the person who comes to our rescue... we need you... but not like this. You terrify me right now. You are beating us up and murdering people who are simply questioning the narrative of known liars and backing it up with facts.

So, to every police officer, I simply want to ask you...What side of history to you want to be on...Where do your loyalties lie?

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