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Mandatory vaccinations in the workplace

In unprecedented times like these, it has never been more important than having the Law on your side. At Power To The People, we advocate for everyone to have the fundamental rights to their own bodies. Body autonomy is the right for a person to govern what happens to their body without external influence or coercion... this includes vaccines.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of their human rights and this goes for employers too. This has nothing to do with being ‘anti-vax’ or a ‘conspiracy theorist’. There are many medical, religious and ethical reasons why mandating vaccines in the workplace is a bad idea.

A question I get asked all the time is - “Can my employer force me to get the Covid vaccine?”.. Luckily, we have sought expert advice in the form of Chris Fry who is the owner of Fry Law (

Having legal experts on the side of the general public is crucial to making sure that ‘mandates’ do not go down a slippery and unlawful path.

We are very luck to have teamed up with Chris Fry to help everyone have true informed consent over their bodies.

Please see the article below, written by Chris Fry which can answer many of your questions. Chris will also be happy to liaise with anyone who has a genuine concern about their employer trying to mandate the Covid vaccine.

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