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Paving the path to a dictator-free future

For decades now, the UK has been heading towards a dictatorship...But no one ever thought that six months ago we would be in this position.

The most dangerous phrase that can be used is 'They wouldn't do that.' How many times do you think that was said in history before a disastrous blow to our human rights or democracy? The fact is, they can, they have and they will.

Who would have thought at the beginning of 2020 that the Government would have people terrified to leave their house for a virus that has a 99.96% survival rate? No one. If I had told you, back in January that the Government will force you to leave your job, stop you from seeing your own family, ban you from seeing friends and mandate that you must wear a mask in public...Would you have believed me?

If this doesn't scare you, it should. It is terrifying to me, just how quickly they have managed to convince an entire country of people that they are not safe going outside of their houses. In less than six months, they have fooled people into believing that they should be petrified of a virus, that they will later inject themselves with.

The shockingly fast rate that they were able to pass the Coronavirus Act 2020, is also another massive concern. They were able to breach 4 human rights acts.

Article 9 - Protects your right to freedom of thought, belief and religion

This was breached when the government declared an unlawful lockdown of places of worship, without a good reason. A good reason must hold undeniable proof and as the Government have refused FOI requests proving the isolation of COVID19, this does not stand.

Article 10 - Protects your right to hold your own opinion

This was breached when the government started working with social media companies to 'eradicate misinformation regarding Covid19' - Stating factual information and then sourcing it with GOVERNMENT approved websites does not count as lawful reason to eradicate someones freedom of speech. Removing videos from protests, also does not count as a lawful reason.

Article 11 - Protects your right to protest by holding meetings and demonstrations with other people

The Government updated the Coronavirus legislation on the 19th May to state "No groups of more than six people are allowed to socialise outside. Mass gatherings are currently illegal". Protests are protected by, not only the Human Rights Act 1998, but also the Public Order Act 1986. Considering the UK Government downgraded the threat of Covid19 only three days before lockdown, this is not sufficient evidence to breach a Human Rights Act.

Article 14 - Requires that all of the rights and freedoms set out in the act must be protected and applied without discrimination.

Discrimination includes - telling someone that certain people can go to work, but others can't. Forcing people to get tested or otherwise losing their jobs. Mandating a mask that can be detrimental to someones health. Demanding someone must wear a mask in order to receive hospital treatment, even though they have a health condition where they can't. Refusing someone education because they have not been tested and 'may' be showing symptoms.

The Government have shown mass amounts of discrimination by setting out the legislation. Telling people who can and can't go to work. Who can and can't go into a store. They have not protected our human rights.

What people need to realise is that the people in power only relate to less than 1% of the population, we are the other 99%. They need the compliance and acceptance from us in order to go in the direction that they want. The more people who refuse to comply with their draconian laws, the more pressure they will be under to change the legislation's. What would happen if everyone refused to wear a mask? What would happen if everyone refused to get tested? What would happen if people just carried on their lives as they wanted....The Government wouldn't be able to do a thing.

The main thing they hold over you is fear. Their manipulation techniques are working like a treat. It even states in the legislation that you will be 'offered' a fine. They know the fines are non enforceable and even a police officer can not enforce them as they are civil and not criminal. You do not have to accept a fine, nor pay it. They are working with the media to create mass division and fear in order to get to the end result....a cashless, vaccine and pharmaceutical dependent, electronic society.

It is only a matter of weeks before they start to use our children as pawns. This is where the emotional blackmail will kick in. The children will all have the flu mist at school, develop symptoms and then the 'second wave' will kick in and they will use this as their master manipulation plan.

We need to end this now before it goes any further. We hold the power. We are the 99%. We do NOT consent.

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Ben Davidson
Ben Davidson
Dec 01, 2022

Greetings. You write very interesting things, I think this kind of content is very relevant now. And if you started a YouTube channel you would attract more people. And you would teach people to know their rights and responsibilities, which is very important these days. You can use apps from this articles to work with videos, if you listen to my advice. Thank you very much.


harry kay
harry kay
Jan 10, 2021



Aug 19, 2020

Frighteningly true , and happening so fast .

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