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The truth about the Sun, Sun-beds and Skin Cancer.

Forget everything you have heard about sun beds and the sun. Did you know that many independent studies have shown a significant health improvement for someone who uses a sun bed once a week for 5 minutes? Their vitamin C, D and E levels increased as did their mental health. One study took 50 participants, all of which were vitamin D deficient before hand - 20 of them used a sun bed for the recommended 5 minutes a week for 6 weeks...after the trial; only the 30 who didn’t use the sun beds remained vitamin D deficient.

Sun beds were invented in 1920 to CURE skin cancer, forget the bollocks they tell you.

Another study had a look at the use of sun beds with melanomas and found no increased risk for casual sun bed users.

Another of the studies concluded that a user wearing suncream in the sun was 4.5% more likely to be diagnosed with a melanoma than a person who used a sun bed WITHOUT suncream. These studies and MANY other studies in history have concluded that you are more likely to develop skin cancer from the chemicals and aluminium in the sun cream, than from a sun bed. The majority of suncreams contain avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, homosalate, octisalate, and octinoxate, all of which are carcinogens. Many scientists are now agreeing that the is no evidence to show the sun causes cancer, but loads to prove suncream DOES

Those saying sun beds are bad for you; are cancer research and pharmaceutical companies, those who make money from you getting cancer. When treating cancers naturally, sun beds and the natural UV rays from the sun, can actually help as they increase the vital vitamins.

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Mar 15, 2021

Hi Ellie I've emailed you back 3 times and also message you on Insta and also pttp on Insta, if you cant give me any advice I would just like to know as 3 solicitors I have emailed also hasn't gotten back to me, I was supposed to have a phone call off someone called Chris?


The best advice we had was to initially sunbathe for 25mins each side before covering up. After a few sessions you can increase the time and get a damn good tan and more importantly the most natural increase in vitamin D levels.Using sun beds in autumn and winter will give you the same benefit. As an extra benefit we do not have flu vax, or any other vax and no flu either. Rickets used to be a problem within the Asian community because they cover up so much of their bodies and because the sun is much less intense than in their native countries they lack vitamin D. If you cannot get into the sun then vitamin D3 supplementation is…


harry kay
harry kay
Mar 14, 2021

God created the sun to give us vit d with the ozone layer protecting us from the harmful rays. Yes you can use artificial sunbeds but what the creator of everything has made, no man can come near that! Also uv has 2 parts uv a and uv b one is harmful and one is good.


Hi Ellie,

other than sun creams what can we use for our children/grandchildren, to prevent burning? thanks 😊


Ellie also what do you do to prevent burning in kids? Two of my kids have slightly fair skin but my step daughter burns severely x

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