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It has all been a lie. Undeniable proof.

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Let’s get this straight, shall we? In nearly 2 years there were 🚨 6,182 🚨 deaths FROM Covid (where covid was the CAUSE of death on death certificate)… out of those, 🚨 4,994 🚨 of them were aged 65 or over.

I shall remind you, that in the average ‘flu season’ they say that approximately 25,000 every year. In 2020 there were less than 100 flu deaths noted and 2021 less than 1,000….

This also doesn’t state how many of these people were immune compromised, had pre existing conditions, were already in hospital, tested positive IN hospital or on end of life care.

They have locked the ENTIRE country up for 2 years for these figures to be revealed??

Now, before someone says ‘6000 deaths is still a lot.’ yes, it is, but unfortunately, people die. It’s the circle of life. They estimated that at LEAST 100,000 people would have died from the effects of lockdown - suicide, treatment cancellation, lack of diagnosis on illnesses, domestic violence, care home murders…. The effects of lockdown FAR exceed these figures of people who have died FROM covid.

This is absolutely disgusting and these needs to be shared far and wide.

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